Designed from the ground up to serve addiction treatment facilities, our service is comprehensive and cost-saving. As a certified full-service high-complexity laboratory, we offer efficient and precise diagnostics in toxicology, chemistry, hematology and infectious disease. Our test menu is rapidly updated as the needs of the community change; and we cease unnecessary testing for older substances that no longer circulate amongst the addicted. Our full array of services is designed to support the established best practices in treating addiction, with policies that support the guidelines developed by ASAM and leading thinkers in the field.

We are proud to partner with leading healthcare providers to deliver the medical care desperately needed by those seeking recovery. Our focus on providing quality, responsible services means we are able to offer a number of unique value-added services to payors, including:

A Medical Necessity Guarantee: Sagenex will not bill the payor for more than would be recommended under current ASAM guidelines, regardless of how many tests are ordered and performed for a particular patient.

Outcomes Research: Sagenex partners with both substance abuse treatment providers and payors through participation in research designed to improve treatment for individuals with addiction. Points of emphasis include establishment of best practices for drug testing during treatment and the use of genetic testing to provide better and more cost-effective care.

Data Analytics: Sagenex can support HEDIS scoring through customizable reporting. We offer sophisticated data analyses about this potentially expensive segment of your member population. We are also able to provide data that compares your members to our overall population. Example analyses that are available include:

  • Top drugs of abuse for members entering treatment
  • Frequency of test results indicating lack of adherence with treatment
  • Frequency and type of co-occurring disorders

Cost containment: More than half of chronically ill Americans have an underlying substance abuse issue. Addressing the needs of those seeking recovery promises to bend the cost curve of nearly every segment of chronically ill patients. Because we also recognize that payors need to manage the costs of providing this valuable care, Sagenex offers bundled, blended, and value-based contracting options to help ensure predictability and contain costs immediately.