Here are several reasons we are simply the best.

  • Turnaround Time

    At Sagenex, we understand the importance of returning a patient’s test results as quickly as possible. Our lab technicians calculate each specimen’s turnaround time – to the second – from initial receipt to final report out. We then track and scrutinize our daily averages. By continuously analyzing the efficiency of our operations and making any necessary adjustments to our processes, we are able to maintain the fastest possible turnaround time. This allows physicians to make rapid interventions and quicker referrals. This industry-leading turnaround translates into higher retention and better recovery results for patients.

  • Market-Competitive Pricing

    Even while continuously expanding services and maintaining a rigorous quality assurance program, Sagenex Labs technicians work smartly and manage expenses to keep pricing competitive for all testing. We work diligently with each and every patient, providing flexible payment options and financial aid as appropriate, to make sure that the cost of lab services is never a deterrent to seeking help.

  • Professional Medical Services

    As appropriate, Sagenex Labs can provide professional specimen collections as well as courier services or shipping of specimens, complete with full chain-of-custody tracking, from the client’s office to the laboratory. This helps assure and preserve the integrity, accuracy and timeliness of specimen testing. When necessary, STAT services are also available upon request.

  • Test Ordering and Reporting Systems

    Sagenex Labs offers unprecedented versatility and responsiveness to its clients. You can customize your testing options, test ordering and reporting system to meet your needs. In addition, you have the added convenience of online access to your lab results through our “Physician’s Portal.” Furthermore, your final report includes a graphical representation of the patient’s current and historical data as well as our Clinical Review Officer’s interpretations – a comprehensive toolbox that no other lab currently provides.

  • Professional Consultations and Training

    Our board-certified Medical Director, an MD, along with other certified clinical laboratory specialists including PhD-level toxicologists and pathologists, are available to provide consultations and further clarification of result interpretations if needed. Additionally, our administrative team is available to provide personal assistance, direction or additional training with questions about test selection, clarification of orders, specimen collections and regulatory compliance. The Sagenex team is available to help throughout the entire process.

  • Billing Assignments

    Sagenex Labs offers numerous options for handling billing – from group billing for third party administrators (TPA’s) and corporate employment screeners to personal, hands-on billing with individual patients. Sagenex works with all major insurance providers as well as Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, we work directly with patients to arrange customized payment plans and even provide indigent screening for patients unable to afford treatment. Our Financial Assistance Program is based on US Poverty Guidelines and has assisted many patients with their financial obligations. We make sure that money will never be an obstacle to seeking medical help.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our clients drive our business. Both the administrative team and the technical staff in the lab have built our business practices to accommodate our clients’ needs. Our development process is simple – we listen and respond. We are dedicated to creating the best possible lab services experience possible for both our clients and their patients. We have built our business around you.

Quick Turnaround

Reliably Quick.

With addiction, an intervention window can be missed if a relapse or non-compliant lifestyle is not identified quickly. Sagenex Labs consistently delivers full reporting less than 48 hours after having received the specimen – often less than 24 hours. This diagnostic lab profile includes the requested screen and the confirmation of presumptive positive values, complete with creatinine-adjusted quantitative values, a graph of historical usage of drugs of abuse and a Medical Review Officer interpretation and recommendations when appropriate.

  • Faster Observations
  • More Rapid Interventions
  • Quicker Treatment!

Physician-Interpreted Results

Not Just Reviewed… Interpreted

As an medical treatment provider, your time is valuable. Every specimen that is processed by Sagenex Labs is analyzed, evaluated, LC/MS/MS confirmed, and interpreted by an AAMRO certified clinical review officer – an MD. This is done to ensure accurate, straightforward and comprehensive test results that allow the treating doctor to focus on what really matters – the patient’s treatment plan.

Gold Standard Technology

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics.

Your laboratory partner should be responsive. Your lab should be innovative. And your lab should be at the cutting edge of the industry. At Sagenex Labs, we employ industry-leading techniques and methods provide our clients with the best diagnostic tools possible. Our technology becomes an extension of your practice and patients benefit from a treatment plan based on the most sophisticated science available.

We use the gold standard of diagnostic technologies – liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, or LC/MS/MS. This is an analytical chemistry technique that combines the physical separation capabilities of liquid chromatography (LC) with the mass analysis capabilities of mass spectrometry (MS). With its exceptionally high sensitivity, accuracy, precision and selectivity, LC/MS/MS provides a more complete picture of your patient’s health — not only telling you if a sample is consistent with use of either a prescribed medication or of a drug of abuse, but also potentially indicating the timeframe when that use occurred.

At Sagenex Labs, we do not rely solely on innovative technology. Every step we take to process your specimen is under the supervision of our team of PhD and MD-level technical staff as well as our Medical Review Officers to ensure that every clinically significant diagnostic factor is considered and accounted for. This allows you to treat your patient with the right plan at the right time.

Personal, Hands-On Service

Real people, helping real people.

Sagenex Labs was founded on the principles of great customer service. Our operations were created around and focused upon you, the client. We value you and your time. As a result, we make sure that you don’t waste your time on the phone, navigating through recordings and automated phone systems. Whenever you call Sagenex, you will reach a real person to address your questions, not a machine.

At the same time, we leverage the advantages of technology in making your Sagenex experience convenient and simple. In this digital age, we offer lab results through our online “Physician’s Portal” to securely access and store your patient’s clinical information. The Portal allows you to quickly and easily retrieve and view reports once an interpretation has been completed. We do not substitute electronic convenience for real service. Not only are your reports convenient and accessible, so are we. Whether you have administrative questions or need technical clarification of reports, we are here for you.